Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Callaghan Clan Box Set

Come and meet the sexy Callaghan brothers!

Join Brandt (the reluctant alpha), Brennan (the hopeless romantic), and Bo (the womanizing playboy) as they search for love and happiness in Alaska. While they’ve stayed hidden for centuries, their world is about to change, and each brother will need the strength of a mate by his side to survive.

The box set includes: Obeying the Bear, Releasing the Bear, and Catching the Bear. If you love dominant grizzlies, alpha males, and shifter romances, this box set is the one you need.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Cozy up with a good book!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Catching the Bear is here!

The final book of the Callaghan Clan is available now!

Bo Callaghan understands his role. As the youngest brother of the clan’s alpha, his womanizing ways and zest for life has helped him live up to those lack of expectations. So when he’s asked to assist the International Shifter Coalition with an important project, it’s no surprise when he fails to deliver. Now Bo must help a mysterious human woman convince the other shifters in Alaska to get on board with the big reveal. But all Bo can focus on are her charming ways, the bright blue eyes, and the raging fire she’s ignited in his bear.

McKenzie Parker is no stranger to shifters. A human with secrets of her own, she’s worked around them her whole life. Yet despite having a white tiger as one of her oldest friends, she is intimidated when she first meets the giant, sexy grizzly shifter with a bad reputation and an addicting smile. McKenzie’s secret skills may help her convince others what they need to do, but her attraction to Bo cannot be explained by magic. Falling hard, she worries about opening her heart and letting someone in again. Especially someone like Bo Callaghan. 
Monday, June 20, 2016

The Callaghan Clan - Meet Brandt and Brennan now

The second shifter series has begun and I'm happy to introduce you to Brandt, Brennan, and Bo. These grizzly shifter brothers are three different men with three very different taste in women. The first two are available now and Bo's story will be here at the end of June.

Emma Davis tried to escape her life in Alaska. But when she hears about the death of someone close to her, obligations force her to return to the family she abandoned. The Callaghan bear clan had been her home for years, and Brandt Callaghan her mate. He’d done everything right and had always taken care of her. Yet it was her bear’s restlessness that made her run, and the lack of choice that frightened her human half. But now she’s back, and Brandt is as tempting as ever. Emma suddenly finds it hard to choose between the life she left and the one she’s discovering she always desired.

Brandt Callaghan wants nothing more than to take a break from the pressure of being his father’s oldest son. Yet a family tragedy puts him in the spotlight as the next clan alpha. He thought he’d never be able to face that challenge…until Emma comes back into his life. Her presence gives him the strength he needs to lead the Callaghan clan and the confidence to fight for his mate. But as tension within the clan increases, and Emma’s life is threatened, Brandt is forced to protect what he loves. At any cost.

Brennan Callaghan is tired of suppressing his bear. The animal inside has been infatuated with finding a mate ever since he set his sights on Scarlett. But Scarlett isn’t a grizzly and Brennan’s human side insists it’s a mating that can’t happen. So when he’s forced to work with the alluring and gorgeous wolf shifter with the emerald green eyes, he finds it increasingly difficult to continue fighting with nature. 

Scarlett Kani wears many hats. Caretaker to her alpha uncle, Tik’a pack enforcer, and entrepreneur. She’s convinced she doesn’t need a mate right now despite what her wolf is telling her. Even if there is a masculine, protective, and gorgeous grizzly shifter that keeps finding his way into her life. But when a video is released and their secret lives are threatened to be exposed, she quickly discovers that Brennan may be the perfect mate to have by her side.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Vampire Huntress Series is COMPLETE!

The Vampire Huntress Series Bundle

One vampire hunter. One hidden desire. One night that will change it all.

Sophia Glen thought she had it all. But as a vampire hunter with a hidden desire, she struggles with her forbidden cravings. And when Sophia is forced to work with the captivating, exotic, and irresistible Viktor Kaska, her future as a hunter will be changed forever.

Monday, November 30, 2015

SEDUCED has arrived!

Part 2 of The Vampire Huntress Serial is now available!

The Vampire Huntress
Part Two: Seduced

Sophia Glen has been marked.

By the very creature she was born to kill.

And that bite is forcing her to behave in ways she never has before.

As Sophia and Viktor narrowly escape the mass of vampires chasing them from the club, Sophia begins to feel the full effect of being marked. Unable to control her sexual urges, she looks for ways to get her release. While the handsome Silas is willing to fulfill her needs, Sophia continues to struggle with her cravings.

So when she’s forced into hiding with Viktor, she wonders just how long she’ll be able to behave. As the tension grows and the danger escalates, Sophia starts to lose pieces of herself to the mark. Viktor tells her there is a way to remove it, but it would require a decision she is not yet ready to make.

A decision that may cost Sophia everything she has.