Monday, November 30, 2015

SEDUCED has arrived!

Part 2 of The Vampire Huntress Serial is now available!

The Vampire Huntress
Part Two: Seduced

Sophia Glen has been marked.

By the very creature she was born to kill.

And that bite is forcing her to behave in ways she never has before.

As Sophia and Viktor narrowly escape the mass of vampires chasing them from the club, Sophia begins to feel the full effect of being marked. Unable to control her sexual urges, she looks for ways to get her release. While the handsome Silas is willing to fulfill her needs, Sophia continues to struggle with her cravings.

So when she’s forced into hiding with Viktor, she wonders just how long she’ll be able to behave. As the tension grows and the danger escalates, Sophia starts to lose pieces of herself to the mark. Viktor tells her there is a way to remove it, but it would require a decision she is not yet ready to make.

A decision that may cost Sophia everything she has.


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