Alaska Shifters

Come and meet the wild and crazy shifters that call Alaska home.


Derrick Ward has always wanted a mate. When all of his friends settle down and start a family, he wonders if it will ever happen for him. Brandt, his clan leader, has some females in mind, but Derrick refuses to accept a forced mating. And now the time has come for the shifters to reveal themselves. Derrick fears that once the world knows he’s a grizzly, he’ll never be able to find that right person to fill his den.

Julia Housten has been in love with Derrick for years. Still recovering from the negative reputation her father left behind by his failed challenge for clan leader, she worries that Derrick will never accept her as a potential mate. So when she has an opportunity to do something good for the clan, she can hardly contain herself when she learns she’ll be working with Derrick.

The International Shifter Coalition is moving forward with the big reveal while Julia and Derrick discover just how perfect they are together. But with the reveal comes a danger they hadn’t expected. A new threat that could tear them apart looms nearby, and it will take the whole clan to protect everything, and everyone, they love.


Major Patel has started to call Alaska home. Originally a temporary assignment, he now finds his work for the International Shifter Coalition a part of his life in Homer. As the newly famous white tiger shifter, he’s struggling over his decision to reveal himself. While the others continue to live their lives as normal, Major finds himself all alone. The groupies and the publicity stunts are not his thing—but then he meets one striking photographer who captures more than just the perfect shot.

Fiona Walker looked toward Alaska as a new beginning. Fresh off a divorce from both her husband and her overbearing family, she uses her photography as an excuse to escape her past. The shifter reveal is the perfect opportunity for her to make a living while getting settled. After all, she is a nature photographer, and shifters are animals. But when she meets the elusive white tiger in the wild, her life instantly takes a drastic change.

The shifters are being hunted. Their secrets are being exploited. Major suddenly finds himself in the middle of a public relations nightmare, and he unknowingly drags Fiona into the spotlight. As her life is threatened by his enemies, Major is forced to make a decision that could haunt him forever. And Fiona will have to face demons of her own to overcome the consequences of Major’s actions. 


Calvin Baptiste enjoys his solitary life. But now that he’s more involved with the shifter politics in Alaska, he’s trying to find a balance between his anonymity and his duties to his people. Buying a house in town and collaborating with the Callaghan Clan are just about all he can handle. Until he meets Trooper Lowe. There’s just something about the confident, strong, and bike-riding beauty that has his animal riled up and his human side wanting to spend more time with her.

Sutton Lowe has seen enough hate to last a lifetime. After a devastating experience as a Texas state trooper, Sutton decides it’s time for her to make a change and protect all types of life. Hired by the ISC to assist with shifter issues in Homer, she quickly finds herself wrapped up in their world—and falling in love with one particularly difficult cougar. 

The shifters are still being hunted, only this time the enemy is unknown. The target on Calvin’s back grows with his fame and Sutton fears the worst when she gets a phone call from the grizzly clan. Now the shifters have to work together to fight this new threat and save those who have been captured—regardless of the political consequences.


Zane Miller knew it was love at first sight. Ever since he’d laid eyes on the icy but beautiful Danika Drakov, his bear had wanted more. Everyone told him he was crazy for trying, but Zane wasn’t the type to let others talk him out of something. Especially when pursuing a mate. And when the powerful dragon shifter saved him from certain death, he knew he’d made an impression on her as well. Now she was taking care of him and Zane couldn’t be happier…except that his grizzly hadn’t returned yet and he didn’t know how long he might have to suffer without him.

Danika Drakov was supposed to stay hidden. With a dark family secret at risk, the burden of her history weighed heavily on her heart for centuries. So, she stayed detached. Cold and emotionless were keys to her survival. But when Zane had been tortured and almost killed, she couldn’t stop the heat in her heart from breaking free. And that heat, that love, has put her entire community at risk.

When her family secret is revealed, Danika is pulled into its twisted web. The lives of the Alaska shifters are threatened at the same time the federal government is demanding a national registry. As the outside world begins to collapse around them, Danika and Zane she must decide if it’s worth jeopardizing those they care about for a chance at happiness and stability.


Seth Blackwell can’t keep his wolf under control. Struggling to obey his alpha, he is torn between his commitment to being Scarlett’s second-in-command and wanting a pack of his own. He is angry, agitated, and wants nothing more than to be left alone to deal with his demons. So, when a shy but determined fox shifter bursts into his life, Seth reluctantly finds it difficult to turn her away. 

Eden Crabtree is on a mission. Even though her delinquent twin brother stopped talking to her a year ago, she knows something is wrong. She’s traced his phone to the wilderness in Washington, but that’s where the lead stopped cold. So now she’s forced to swallow down her fear and ask the Alaska shifters for help. But Eden’s fox has been sheltered, and walking into the middle of a wolf pack is exactly what she wants to avoid. 

Both Seth and Eden are searching for something—something that will make them whole again. The hunt for Eden’s brother leads Seth and Eden into unfamiliar territory both physically and emotionally. Realizing they each need to make some big decisions, they find strength in each other, even when it means they might not get to live the lives they’ve always planned.


Marcus Stillwater is an alpha in trouble. For years, he’d been managing to slip through life without others questioning his choices. But when his only daughter decides to leave the pack, his position as alpha is challenged in more ways than one. With a stranger trespassing in his territory, and his friends trying to set him up with a Brazilian beauty, Marcus can’t seem to shake the thought that perhaps his life isn’t as great as it once seemed. Especially when he can’t get a fragile, broken human woman out of his mind and out of his town.

Holland Myer is an empty shell. Running from a past that no one should have to face, she finds herself in the middle of the Alaska wilderness in an effort to focus on her research and forget about all she left behind. But a series of unfortunate events leads her into the arms of a powerful, yet threatened coyote alpha. With his dark hair and golden eyes, she worries that she’ll fall under the spell of yet another dominant shifter. It’s what Holland hated most about her life before, and she’s adamant not to repeat the same mistakes.

The panthers want their human back. The coyotes want an alpha with an heir. And now Marcus and Holland find themselves caught in the middle of a world they didn’t always choose. 



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