Eagle Creek


Donovan Bain is haunted by his past. One of the few remaining lion shifters, he’s struggled with his ability to fit in. Long runs, solitary hunts, and no female companionship has been his way of life since escaping the cages of his childhood. When he finally settled in Eagle Creek, Alaska, he never thought he’d call this place home. After all, a home meant family and friends and mates—something Donovan never realized he needed. Until he met Mariah.

Mariah Stillwater just wanted a new life. Tired of her coyote pack and dealing with her alpha father, Mariah fled in search of her independence. A failed attempt at college sent her away from the big city and had her questioning her worth. And camping out in the woods near a group of misfit shifters, lusting after a particularly sexy lion, isn’t helping her confidence. Donovan doesn’t know who she is. Why would he ever remember a lonely coyote he met one day several months ago?

The time for anonymity has come to end. Registration requirements for all shifters have become stricter and the camp at Eagle Creek is a perfect target for the new government agency responsible for the process. Donovan, Mariah, and the rest of the group must decide if it’s worth the fight, knowing their easy-going life will change forever. With Mariah by his side, Donovan is ready to face the challenge. But it won’t be an easy road, as every shifter in the camp must question their future…especially Mariah and Donovan.


Maximus Larkin likes order in his life. Now that the Eagle Creek shifters are starting to settle into an organized crew, Max and his panther are almost content. As the lead enforcer, he is honored to help his alpha and has enjoyed making the camp a safe place for all. Especially for one particularly feisty, gorgeous, black-haired beauty, whose animal is nothing like his own. Max knows Fawn could be the final piece to his happiness puzzle, and he’ll do anything to make her believe the same.

Fawn Marlow ran to Eagle Creek to escape the fate of her family. A raven shifter promised to another a long time ago, Fawn always opposed the strict raven traditions and morbid family business. Living in Alaska, far away from any others of her kind, had proven to be the best decision of her life. After all, Eagle Creek not only offered her a home, but it had also been the place she’d met the sexy, brilliant, and irresistible Max.

The new regulations have forced Max and Fawn to publicly share their location. And that has revealed hidden ghosts from both their pasts, threatening to destroy all they’ve built together in Eagle Creek. Max must accept responsibility for a rash decision years ago, and Fawn will have to come to terms with the life she was born into. But their choices may mean the time they had together must come to an end—unless they can find a way to accept each other’s darkest secrets while still keeping Eagle Creek safe.


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